Use-Lab Gebäude


Use-Lab has two modern test locations with multifunctional simulation rooms.

We can simulate almost any application situation and application environment in order to realistically simulate typical scenarios with the intended user groups.
We adapt the rooms individually to your product for every application situation: for example, for clinical scenarios in the operating theatre and intensive care unit, laboratory diagnostics, endoscopy, reprocessing, dialysis, radiology and many more. Of course, we can also recreate non-clinical settings from the home environment or from a doctor's practice.

One-way mirrors in every test studio as well as modern A/V technology ensure that you can optimally observe the users' interaction with your product - without disturbing or influencing the test sequence, so that anonymity and objectivity can be preserved.

Contact us and we will plan with you the optimal simulation of your application environment in our premises for the next formative or summative study.

This service and access to our high-tech rooms are of course free of charge and included in the course of the study. If you would like to conduct a study on your own, we are happy to offer you access and support at an appropriate daily rate.

Studio 1: Operating room

Use-Lab has a fully equipped operating theatre at the "Bürgerkamp". Depending on project requirements and customer wishes, we set it up realistically by using our large number of products and equipment typical of the operating theatre. Thus, a broad spectrum of treatment situations is guaranteed.

Studio 2: Intensive care room

For the presentation of application situations in the ICU, we offer a fully equipped intensive care room at the "Bürgerkamp", so that our customers have access to all relevant devices for monitoring and therapy of an intensive care patient. The intensive care room is multifunctional and can be converted for other application scenarios, such as home care or laboratory environments.

Studio 3: Multifunctional studio

At the main location "Am Campus", Use-Lab has a large, multifunctional room that is ideally suited for individual interviews as well as focus group discussions.

Observation room "Bürgerkamp"

The observation room offers room for up to three observers to directly view the adjacent studios.

Observation room "Am Campus"

The observation room offers room for up to eight observers to directly view the adjacent studio.