Anfried Borgert

 Bild Anfried Borgert


Human Factors Specialist

Project Manager

Tel:   +49 (0) 2551 / 962 355

Fax: +49 (0) 2551 / 962 635

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As a project manager in the Use-Lab team, Anfried Borgert is in charge of international projects and quality management. Her special focus is placed on intercultural studies on medical devices used in intensive care areas.


Anfried joined Use-Lab in 2003. She holds a MS in Diplom-Romanistik from the University of Kassel, Germany where she conducted communications research taking into account gender and culture aspects. Anfried lived abroad for a longer time and continues to be a specialist in ethnographic user research. At Use-Lab Anfried manages multi-national projects often recruiting and working with clinicians from around the world. In addition, she is responsible for quality management.

Prior to joining Use-Lab, Anfried worked with companies in international marketing.

Since joining Use-Lab, she has successfully conducted numerous studies and proven herself a reliable project manager. Recent project experiences include ethnographic studies with ICU users working with a variety of medical devices, from beds over infusion technology and new software implementations. She also recently conducted research on combination products for application in clinical environments as well as in home care.