Elke Wilken

 Bild Elke Wilken

OR Nurse / Application Specialist

Project Manager

Tel:   +49 (0) 2551 / 962 525

Fax: +49 (0) 2551 / 962 635

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Elke is primarily responsible for projects in the surgical field. This especially includes moderating focus groups and usability tests. During process and workflow analyses, expertises and discussions on specialist questions she supports user’ interests and concerns with great dedication.


EElke Wilken has been working as an application specialist for Use-Lab since it was founded in 2001.
She has more than 13 years experience in nursing and an additional qualification as an OR nurse. Subsequent to her work in a hospital, Elke worked in anaesthesia in the surgical department of a day clinic. Later she was responsible for the conduction of ambulatory operations in a gynaecologic practice.

Since joining Use-Lab, Elke has conducted several usability studies on different kinds of medical devices.

She has particular expertise in the usage of devices in OR environment.