Michael Hubert

 Bild Michael Hubert


Software Usability Engineer

Project Manager

Tel:   +49 (0) 2551 / 962 605

Fax: +49 (0) 2551 / 962 635

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As a project manager at Use-Lab, Michael Hubert is responsible primarily for the conceptual design and usability evaluation of user interfaces of medical devices according to the principles of user centered design.


Michael joined Use-Lab in 2010 upon graduating from Ilmenau Technical University with a degree in Media Technologies. His emphasis during his studies was on usability engineering; more specifically, user-centered development of software applications that takes into consideration actual user behavior in order to increase customer acceptance and the ease of using the application.

For his thesis work, Michael developed a mobile app and created a prototype of it. He engaged in dialogue with users – individually and in groups – to determine their needs. Then, continuing to follow the usability engineering lifecycle, he developed and verified the app in several phases.

During and following his studies, he completed various industrial and educational internships in the areas of software conception and software usability-testing for mobile-apps, database monitoring and dashboard design.

At Use-Lab, Michael is responsible for the planning and processing of projects as well as for reporting. In addition, he takes care of the administration of the IT infrastructure and other technical equipment.

Since joining Use-Lab, Michael has successfully conducted many studies and proven himself an effective interviewer, able to work well with participants to gain important results. He has recently conducted human factors studies with diabetes products, ventilation systems, operating room equipment and infusion technology.