Torsten Gruchmann

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Human Factors Specialist

Managing Director

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Torsten Gruchmann is one of the founders and managing partners of Use-Lab GmbH. He has many years of experience in the area of usability engineering for medical technical products and has established an international network over the years, enabling studies to be carried out worldwide. He has passed on his expert knowledge in numerous international publications, presentations and standards committees.


Torsten has many years of human factors experience, concentrated in the international medical arena. Studies he has carried out have involved all kinds of OR-, ICU, laboratory, imaging equipment and home-care as well as diabetes care equipment by medical device manufacturers worldwide.

Torsten received a degree in physical engineering from the Muenster University of Applied Sciences in 1995.

Upon graduation he worked in the Biomedical Engineering department in a hospital in Muenster for one year. After that he was responsible for setting up the faculty of Biomedical Engineering at the Muenster University of Applied Sciences where he stayed for four years. In that time he led the practical training of students in medical device technologies and medical physics. He furthermore established and managed the Center for Usability Engineering and the Center for Biomedical Engineering at the University. In 2001 he started up his own business –Use-Lab GmbH.

Since then his work has focused on understanding users’ needs and translating them into product specifications and concept realization and evaluation.

Torsten Gruchmann is a voting member of the international standardization committee (IEC SC 62A / JWG 4) and contributed to the development of the recently published usability standards (IEC 62366-1:2015 and IEC TR 62366-2:2016). He is also member of the tekom standardization board, an institution focusing on technical documentation.

Torsten has shared his professional insights in numerous publications and presentations over the years.