Uvo Hölscher

 Bild Uvo Hölscher

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Human Factors Specialist


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Fax: +49 (0) 2551 / 962 635

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Together with Torsten Gruchmann, Uvo Hölscher is one of the founders and partners of Use-Lab GmbH.


Uvo Hölscher is a former professor at the Faculty of Engineering Physics of Münster University of Applied Sciences, where he headed the Centre for Medical Technology and Ergonomics until he retired in 2017.

He studied at Hannover University of Technology and was awarded his PhD from Clausthal University of Technology.

He worked in the medical department of Dräger Werk AG in Lübeck up until 1996, where his last position was Head of R&D departments for anesthesia equipment and infusion technology.

He was an active member of national and international standards committees for medical devices for over 20 years.