Keeping You Safe During Usability Studies
- Special Precautions for Covid-19 -

Dear Visitors,

We consider protecting the health of our guests and employees our responsibility. Thus we are following the recommendations and measures given by local and federal authorities and taking numerous precautions, as described below.

What we're asking people on-site to do

We ask everyone to observe good health practices!

  • Maintain a social distance and minimize physical contact (e.g., we won't shake your hand)
  • Observe good hand hygiene (i.e., frequent hand washing)
  • Wear a medical mask
  • Stay home if you display Covid-19 symptoms
  • Only come if you have to come
    • We are asking our team to work from home to the greatest extent possible
    • We perform regular self-testing

How we prepare our facilities

  • Soap and disinfectant are available throughout our facilities along with signs on how best to maintain hand hygiene.
  • Our rooms are aired regularly
    • When possible during sessions and meetings
    • Always after and between sessions and meeting
    • We provide an outdoor space for guests to wait, weather permitting.
      • The waiting area is set up to allow for social distancing for rare cases in which more than one participant is waiting indoors.

Precautions we take for sessions

  • Additional screening questions are included in all screeners for in-person/in-facility projects.
    • Any respondent with any symptoms of or similar to Covid-19 will be screened out.
    • Participants will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms again during the reminder call.
    • Whenever possible, additional participants will be recruited to help ensure the intended number of data sets.
    • HCPs may be asked additional screening questions to assess the risk before decision is made.
  • Arrival times for participants / guests are staggered so that the number of people in the waiting area is minimized.
    • Everyone is encouraged to be vigilant to check for any symptoms of or similar to COVID-19 when study participants arrive at the office.
  • More time will be left between sessions to allow for airing and hygiene and disinfection procedures .
    • Surfaces and objects touched by participants are cleaned between sessions
  • Paperwork has been reduced as much as possible.
    • Pens will be used only once or disinfected between uses
  • Multiple copies of instructions for use and/or task cards will be available.
  • The test room will be set up to allow sufficient distancing between respondents and moderator.
  • An air filter (HEPA equivalent to H13) that exchanges and filters particles out of the room air the air in the room will be placed near the moderator and respondent.
  • Acrylic glass will be placed between the moderator and respondent where possible and helpful
  • Gloves will be offered where possible and helpful.
  • The number of clients attending sessions is limited to 3 without prior approval of the General Management. With prior planning other rooms can be used.


Of course, we will continue to monitor the evolving situation and re-evaluate our policies and guidelines as needed.

We are here to help in the planning and execution of your research. If you would like to discuss this topic as it relates to your project, please get in touch with your regular contact at Use-Lab or contact our Quality Manager to discuss further:

Anfried Borgert

For broader or business scope related items, feel free to reach out to Torsten Gruchmann (CEO) or to Thore Reitz (COO).