Sunshine Act

The "Physician Payments Sunshine Act", as a part of the "Affordable Care Act", is intended to increase the transparency of financial relationships between US physicians and the industry. It is designed to prevent payments and gifts from manufacturers to physicians in return for advertising their products.

From August 1st, 2013 onwards manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices are required to report to the Center of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) all payments and other value transfers of more than 10 USD to US physicians and teaching hospitals.. The CMS will publish the reports on a public website so that everybody has access to this information. Regarding health questions the patient can thus check whether a physician acts independently or recommends a certain medical device or medication due to his/her industrial relationship.

Besides the increased transparency the sunshine act will impact the manufacturers’ bureaucracy. They will have to change or establish internal processes to record adequately all information of payments. This also includes the documentation of incentives for participants in usability studies.

Please contact Use-Lab in case of interest or further questions regarding the sunshine act.

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