Millions of diabetics monitor their blood glucose values to improve clinical outcomes and their own quality of life. However, many patients don't know how to identify and interpret their results. In February 2016, Use-Lab conducted a study with more than 150 participants investigating the effectiveness and perceived benefits of a new interpretation tool for blood glucose monitoring.

Use-Lab designed this study to empirically measure improvements in how well diabetics were able to categorize blood glucose levels and changes in response times from trials without a tool to those with a tool. Before the test sessions began, we designed a simulation to display the blood glucose values as they would be displayed on a blood glucose meter and automatically logged participants' responses and how long it took them. After conducting the test sessions, Use-Lab statistically analyzed and subsequently discussed the results. We were pleased to find that interpretation tools appear to aid diabetics in interpreting their blood glucose values and also that most of the diabetics interviewed view such tools very positively.

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