There is (almost) nothing that Use-Lab can’t do. Although Use-Lab is not a manufacturer of medical devices, all employees could get a whiff of how it is to manufacture at this year’s company workshop. The aim of this workshop was a combination of charity and team building.

Three groups build one hand prosthetics each, for amputees from developing countries, who fell victim to landmines. Only by close cooperation inside the group it became possible to finish the product. Not only did they have to pay attention to the user’s needs, but also complete the task with a temporal, physical disability. In particular, this meant that each participant had one of their hands sleeved to allow for greater empathy with the user. After successful assembly, each group had to design a unique packaging. Of course, this was an easy task for our designer’s group, but the other two groups expressed their creative side well, too. All for the good cause!

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