Again, the Medica in Dusseldorf and the tekom annual meeting regarding „technical documentation“ fell on the same week this year.

Use--Lab‘s managing director Torsten Gruchmannn presented three entries. First, he talked about the creation and evaluation of instructions for use for medical devices. Secondly, he presented the requirements of the new Medical Device Directive regarding technical documentation. Lastly, Torsten Gruchmann represented the sector of medical devices in a panel discussion on different normative requirements for manufacturers when generating technical documentation such as the instructions for use.

Currently, technical editors are an exception in the sector of medical devices and are typically consulted when it comes to creating instructions for use and other technical information. Torsten Gruchmann, who represents the advisory panel for standardization and law of the tekom, aims to elevate the consciousness for good accompanying documents for medical devices. He does so not only to meet normative requirements, but also improve the understandability of the documents and ensure safe application of the devices.