This year we’ve decided to spend our Christmas budget on humanitarian aid in poorer regions of this world. To this end, we are supporting the Northrhine-Westphalian organization „German Doctors e.V.“.

Since 2010, the organization has been involved in the Serabu Community Hospital in Sierra Leone with three German doctors, among others. In the coming year, the old children's ward there is to be extended and completely renovated and technically modernised. Use-Lab wants to support this project with its donation. We believe that this project perfectly fits our buisness field of developement and optimization of medical products.

In this manner we wish everyone, everywhere - especially our clients and business partners - a peaceful Advent season, a merry Christmas, and, for the new year, health and a strong hope for peace.

For more information on German Doctors e.V. and the situation in the hospital in Serabu, see the following links:

Maybe you want to become involved, too, and support the work of the organization?

Below you can get come impressions of the German Doctors' work.

Serabu1 ZustandNeugeborenenstation klein

Neonatal Unit of the Serabu Community Hospitals, Sierra Leone. ©Miro May

Serabu2 Mutter Neugeborenes klein

Mother and baby are well - this is what the German Doctors want to say more frequently in Serabu. Use-Lab is happy to support this. ©Miro May

Serabu3 Aerztin Behandlung Kleinkind klein

Doctor's visit at the neonatal unit. ©Boris Lajos


Serabu5 wartebereich klein

Hospital Waiting Area

©German Doctors


Serabu4 Krankenhaus Dorf von oben klein

Aerial photograpgh of part of the the Serabu Community Hospital and the bordering village.

©Boris Lajos