Dear visitors of our website,

taking into consideration the required safety precautions, hygiene guidelines and our internal COVID-19 SOP, Use-Lab carried out numerous formative and summative studies and conducted hunderts0 face-to-face interviews over the past few weeks.
Of course, the protection of the study participants and our staff was always in the focus of our activities. This also included appropriate post-testing care, which showed that there were no infections among the participating persons after the test sessions, related to participation in Use-Labs studies.
We are very pleased about the continuity of our work and the great willingness to participate in our studies. We would like to thank everyone involved, the participants, but also our customers, for their understanding, support and sometimes patience in this difficult time for all of us!
In the meantime, many markets recovered due to the graduate easing of the restrictions. Nevertheless, we are still experiencing limitations, e.g. caused by international travel restrictions. Of course, our customers can continue to rely on us finding solution for every project that is suitable and feasible.

Even if nobody can currently estimate how the situation will develop in the coming months, it is still advisable to plan upcoming usability projects together with us at an early stage. As usual, we are at your disposal for the implementation of online, remote or face-to-face interviews to evaluate the usability of your products within the scope of formative or summative studies.

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If you have any questions or wish to contact us personally, you can reach our managing director, Torsten Gruchmann, by phone at +49 2551 962482. The project contact persons are available for you as usual by phone or email.

We wish you and the people close to you all the best in the coming weeks and months. Stay safe!

The Use-Lab GmbH Team