German Doctors e.V. are a humanitarian organization based in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany (where Use-Lab is also based). This year we again chose to donate our Christmas funds to German Doctors to support humanitarian work in poorer regions of the world.

In 2021 the organization was able to start a third medical project in Kenya: An outpatient clinic in Bomani village in Kilifi, a region about 30km north of Mombasa. The clinic not only treats those without financial resources, it also serves a training center health assistants. In particular, pregnant women and young mothers are well cared for at the clinic where generous donations mean women will be able to give birth in the newly improved delivery room.

This project resonates with us at Use-Lab. In our work, we aim to optimize medical products to ensure safe use and thus patient safety. So, too, this project optimizes an area to improve patient safety. We are happy to donate to this particular project.

You can find more information about German Doctors e.V. and their work in Kilifi here:

Perhaps you'd like to get involved and support this organization, too?