A comfortable, intuitive or easy to learn operation of a medical device facilitates and shortens the training period of the personnel, which is undoubtedly an important economic factor. A medical device is often a tool on which the efficiency of its user depends directly. Additional clicks and handles add up to a considerable amount of additional time during daily use and can be avoided.

In order to illustrate our range of activities, we divide our design services into three classic areas: User interface design, product design and graphic design. In practical terms, however, the boundaries here are fluid. The user interface, for example, does not only extend to the screen, but to everything the user comes into contact with. Be it the mounting clamp and the foot switch or the instruction manual and the training documents. With Use-Lab, you have an interdisciplinary partner at your side who specializes in medical devices and supports you in your project across all areas.

Use-Lab Visualisierung

User-Interface Design

Use-Lab Visualisierung

A well-thought concept allows for both a steep learning curve for beginners as well as high efficiency in routine use for experienced users. The usability of the medical device therefore depends directly on the design of the user interface.

Use-Lab offers comprehensive support in the development and implementation of the user interface for your product or your entire product portfolio. We create concepts that are reduced step-by-step in the course of iterative development, optimized and worked out in detail.

Rapid prototyping plays a decisive role here right from the start. A user interface developed by Use-Lab can be integrated into the appearance of a product family taking into account your existing style guide. If required, we can design a completely new appearance based on your corporate identity or update and extend an existing user interface.

Our services include:

  • Creation of wireframes and low fidelity prototypes
  • Elaboration of graphic details
  • Design of pictograms and symbols
  • Development or adaptation of a style guide
  • Development of an interaction architecture in the form of flowcharts
  • Creation of interactive prototypes with different characteristics (PDF, PowerPoint, HTML5, etc.)
  • Implementation support (CSS, QML, etc.)

Product Design

Use-Lab Visualisierung

An ergonomic design offers a direct added value for every medical device, because functionality and user-friendliness depend on it directly. Aesthetics can also be an important purchasing argument for a customer.

Use-Lab offers a wide range of services to help you design your product. Be it a simple "facelift" or a completely new concept. Our possibilities start with brainstorming, iterate through the prototype phases in various degrees of detail and culminate in the elaboration of CAD design data.

We integrate the product design directly into the usability engineering process. In an iterative process involving the users, it is ensured that neither your requirements nor the needs of the end users are overlooked. So, you can rest assured right from the start that you won't miss the target.

Our services include:

  • Solution-oriented brainstorming
  • Conceptual sketches
  • Application-specific scenarios as storyboards
  • Definition of the product language with the help of moodboards
  • Detailed illustrations and elaboration of concepts
  • Coarse rigid foam models for ergonomics studies
  • CAD development (Autodesk Fusion 360 and Rhinoceros 3D)
  • Functional prototypes in 3D printing process
  • Photorealistic CGI renderings
  • Illustrations for technical documentation and GA
Use-Lab Visualisierung Use-Lab Visualisierung

Graphic- and Media Design

Use-Lab Visualisierung

An image looks the same in all languages. This is a great advantage when communicating with people from other countries and cultures, because the visual level is often interdisciplinary and creates bridges between different professional groups.

Even if a picture is not able to replace words completely, it is often itself an irreplaceable addition. Whether simple line drawings for the instruction manual, high-resolution product images for presentation and advertising purposes or animated process sequences for interactive training materials - the diversity of our competences is broad.

Our services include:

  • Illustration in various styles and degrees of detail
  • Storyboards
  • Illustrations for technical documentation and GA
  • Photorealistic 3D renderings
  • Animations in 2D and 3D
  • Interactive media (Unity 3D, HTML 5, etc.)

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