Marketing Claim Studien

Marketing Claim Studies

Safety is probably the most important aspect in the development of a new medical device. In order to further increase the market success of a product, additional criteria such as effectiveness, efficiency and user-friendliness are often emphasized in addition to the safety aspect. The advantages of one's own product compared to the competing product or a predecessor are often defined in the form of so-called marketing claims. A purposeful use of these marketing statements is only possible, however, if there is proof with sufficient evidence. Use-Lab supports you in the formulation and evaluation of marketing claims and also assists you in the submission of a 510(k) procedure for effective use of the claims for advertising in the USA.

An example of a marketing claim substantiation study can be found here.

In addition, Voice of Customer studies can also be conducted after a product has been launched on the market using a comparable approach in order to collect valuable market observation data and derive statements relevant to development and marketing.

  Thore Reitz or Torsten Gruchmann