Use-Lab Product design

Product design

Our product design ranges from a simple "facelift" to a complete re-conception. An ergonomic and sophisticated design offers the medical device crucial added value; functionality and user friendliness are directly dependent on it. Furthermore the aesthetics is at the end surely another reason why customers purchase our clients’ products.

Use-Lab covers the entire product design process:

  • Usable design process
  • Analysis of use scenarios
  • Functional and contextual analysis and specification
  • Design concept
    • Concepts for the design
    • Operating concept
    • Form finding
    • Communications concepts for the user interface
  • Detailed design
    • Visual detailed design, aesthetics, design
    • Detailed design of the user interface
    • Rapid prototyping (with partner companies)
    • Model construction
    • CAD modeling
  • Development-based documentation (style guide, design history file)
  • Other product visualizations for marketing purposes

Typical procedure

Ideally, product design starts with a context analysis. The objective is to identify and understand existing problems. Interviews with typical users provide valuable input for the specification. The early inclusion of users ensures that the design is developed taking actual needs into account.

In the concept phase, we collect preliminary ideas and visualize them in three or four drafts. In the verification process with users, we then check whether, and to what extent, the concepts created match the previously defined specifications. This way, potential weaknesses in the concepts can be exposed quickly – for instance, through a focus group discussion.

Our clients then decide which of the designs should proceed to the second phase – the detailed design.

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