Use-Lab Visualization


An image sounds the same in all languages. This is a great advantage when communicating with people from other countries and cultures. After all, the visual level is often interdisciplinary, and builds a bridge between all kinds of occupational groups.

And even if a picture is unable to completely take the place of words, it is often an irreplaceable supplement.

Use-Lab offers its clients the opportunity to raise their communication to a new level. Our services specifically support the organization and construction of all kinds of visual elements.

Concept visualization

A hand-drawn sketch is often the simplest, quickest and most efficient way to present your ideas to others. It turns an individual’s ideas into something tangible – something that you can hold in your hand. It is something that you can exchange views on and discuss with others. At the same time, a sketch is not final. It can easily be amended, complemented or simply rejected.

Use-Lab Concept visualization

Product visualization

Use of state-of-the-art computer graphics enables us to take a brief look into the future: Products can be visualized realistically – even at the development stage. This offers immense advantages, particularly for marketing.

Use-Lab Product visualization

Technical visualization

The high complexity of technical medical devices also leads to complex visualizations: A technical drawing with multiview orthographic projection and diverse sectional views is undoubtedly essential in production. However, this is often incomprehensible to laypersons. Well-organized and simplified visualization can communicate even the most complicated contents quickly and comprehensibly – not only to experts.

Use-Lab Technical visualization

Process visualization

The process, operation and interaction are visualized in process visualization. Typical tools include a hand-drawn storyboard, individual illustrations for instruction manuals and complex 3D animations for training purposes.

Use-Lab Process visualization

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